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Woodlands Pork

Woodlands Pork was founded in 2006 by Nic Heckett and Dr. Chuck Talbott, the father figure of pastured pork on the East Coast. Their meeting was a continuation of their previous projects; Nic’s quest to import the best organic hams from Italy, and Chuck’s groundbreaking work with the Ossabaw Island Pig in the North Carolinas woods. Nic and Chuck were joined in 2009 by Louisville chef Jay Denham who would take over the culinary operations of Woodlands Pork. The goal was to produce an American ham of great depth of character that would rival the finest cured meats of Europe, reflecting the unique Appalachian terroir, and capturing the essence of the might Oak/Hickory hardwood forests that dominate its mountainsides, with the understanding that the character of a dry-cured ham is developed on the farm.

We have developed a preferred domestic heirloom/hybrid breed of sows, currently using WV Wild Boar for our production. Our Mountain Ham is remarkably unique in its character and is derived from our unique terroir.



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