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Piedmontese Beef

Originating in the Alpine hills of Northern Italy, Certified Piedmontese Beef is sustainably raised in the pristine pastures of Nebraska on family owned farms and ranches. The cattle graze naturally on the plentiful grasses and are finished for about 45-60 days on an all-natural, source verified vegetarian grain grown on ranches that are part of this cooperative.

Every aspect of our 100% Authentically Natural Certified Piedmontese Beef is unique. From its genetic structure that gives it an amazing natural tenderness, to its incredible flavor. This program of beef is extremely sustainable, ensuring consistency and quality that is painstakingly managed by our ranchers. Humanely Raised & Source Verified to the ranch of origin.

  • High in essential nutrients and vitamins, including home-iron, B vitamins, Zinc and all eight essential amino acids.
  • These animals produce meat that is high in protein, naturally lean, lower in fat, and low in cholesterol due to their unique double-muscled characteristics (more cell mass per muscle and much less fat). High amounts of good polysaturated fats and highest percentages of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids.
  • Our Piedmontese Beef are 100% hormone and antibiotic free, referred to as a “Never-Ever” program. These animals have never been administered hormones or antibiotics.


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