The sky is getting darker earlier, leaves are starting to change into their colorful backdrop of reds and oranges, and the temperatures are starting to cool off. Summer is transitioning into Fall and with that comes different cooking techniques and meals. Gone are the grills and the Summer vegetables and the stock pots, slow cookers, and Dutch ovens emerge from under the counter. While hot and fast cooking like grilling is flavorful and great for a backyard party, low and slow techniques such as roasting and braising are perfect for filling your home with the aromas of the meal ahead.

Switching to these styles of cooking requires some thought, not just because these types of meals take time to prepare, but also figuring out what cuts of meat and what vegetables you will be using which can withstand these sorts of methods. Things such as game birds as well as larger cuts like shoulders and whole muscles such as tenderloins are perfect for roasting. Cuts with more connective tissue like shanks, osso buco, and brisket are ideal for moist low temp cooking like braising and stewing. 

Here are some amazing Fall recipes to try:

Red Wine Braised Bison Short Ribs

Wild Game Chili

Roasted Pekin Duck with Honey and Garlic Glaze

Whether you are roasting a whole duck, or making a pot of chili, the Fall is the ideal time to perfect these low and slow techniques. So break out that crock pot and roasting pan, get your recipes going, then sit back with a football game as the scents from your upcoming meal get you and the rest of your house salivating for dinner.