There is one rule when cooking burgers: high heat and sear. The nature of how a burger cooks up varies depending on the fat content, coarseness of the grind and the way the patty was formed, whether by machine or formed by hand.

Regardless of the type of burger, we're here to share our best manner of approach to searing your burger to juicy perfection! 

For best results, preheat a cast iron skillet or your grill to medium high and season your burgers liberally with the seasonings of your choice. Depending on the fat content of the burger, you may not need to use additional oil. For a product like Ostrich Burgers, you may need a light coating of oil to prevent sticking because it is a very lean meat, whereas Wagyu Beef Burgers have a sufficient amount fat content in them to avoid the need for using additional oil.

Place your burgers directly onto a hot skillet or grill and sear until a deep mahogany crust has formed. Flip the burger and sear it until it also has a nice crust. Once each side of the burger has seared, lower the heat to medium and cook until your desired doneness.

Please note, it's important to remove burgers off your heat source when the internal temperature is about 5-10° below your preferred doneness. Note for rare, 120°, medium-rare, 130°, medium, 140°, medium-well, 150°, and for well done, 160°. As with cooking steak, its best to allow your meat to rest for a few minutes prior to serving and eating as this allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the burger, lending a tender and juicy burger with each and every bite!