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Iberico de Bellota Pork

(Iberico is a specific breed of pig; Bellota means acorns)

Jabugo is found in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena, the north province of Huelva, Spain. This one-of-a-kind village has a unique micro-climate, which is ideal for curing 100% Ibérico Ham. There is perfect synchrony in the important curing process which moderates, creates, and boosts the texture and flavor that distinguishes a great Cinco Jotas Ham from Jabugo. For more than 130 years, Cinco Jotas has continued to make all of its products in an artisanal and natural way, conserving all of the experiences and traditions handed down generation to generation. The natural Cinco Jotas cellars maintain a stable moisture and temperature level to provide for slow and natural curing, where nature is the main focus. Thanks to the specific acorns from trees in this part of Spain, the meat is rich in Omega 9 oleic acid, known for its great cardiovascular benefits. Curing a Cinco Jotas Acorn fed 100% Ibérico Ham follows an artisan method that can take up to five years to be completed. This is the only way it can be considered an authentic 100% Ibérico Ham.

  • Cured Meat Sampler

    Cured Meat Sampler
    The Cured Meat Sampler is ready to eat. Contains spicy, sweet and smoked charcuterie. Just add cheese and crackers for a great snack or appetizer. 

    This package contains: 

    1- 6.5oz (each) Bison Salami
    1- 6.5oz (each) Elk Salami
    1- 5oz (each) Black Truffle Country Style Salami
    1 - 5oz (each) Hot Country Style Soppresatta
    1 - 5oz (each) Sweet Country Style Soppresatta
    1- 5oz (each) Country Style with Beer
    1 - 11oz (each) Moulard Duck Breast Prosciutto
    1- 1.5oz (each) Iberico Pre Sliced 

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    Cured Meat Sampler
    Cured Meat Sampler


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