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Kris Behnke - Monday, August 08, 2016

After working for Fossil Farms for over 11 years, I have become somewhat of a “meat snob.” Working at Fossil Farms has given me the wonderful opportunity to eat the best meats anyone has to offer. Having some chefs on staff has helped, too!

The first product I had brought home to cook for my family was Bison Ribeye steak. First thing I did was consult with my co-workers on how I should cook something that wasn’t beef. Medium rare, I was told. Ok, that was easy and that’s the way we like our meats anyway…first hurdle overcome!

Second hurdle was harder - Do I lie to my fussy husband, and even fussier daughter? My teenage son ate anything so I wasn’t worried about him. So, I began to prep dinner. Sprinkled Kosher salt,  a little pepper, and some olive oil and the steaks are ready for the grill. Five minutes on one side – flip another 6 or 7 minutes and we are done and ready. They looked like beef,  but once you cut into Bison Ribeyes, and put a forkful in your mouth, you realize the flavor is delicious, not strange or scary as the family had anticipated. What? They like it and it’s healthy! Score! 2 points for mom!

Years have passed, and my family got used to trying many types of meats that I brought home. As there are less in the house now, cooking for a smaller group these days isn’t a problem. I can pop one steak or one pork chop in the oven. Burgers are an easy dinner, as well, since they come two or 3 per package.

One thing I have passed onto my children is that healthy eating isn’t boring like growing up in the 80’s would have had you think. Healthy meats that are lower in fat are not just chicken and turkey! Expand you and your family’s palate!

bison ribeye

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