Located in Boonton, New Jersey, the Fossil Farms Family has experienced firsthand how the weather can turn on a community. We are committed to support people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma by donating 10% of each online purchase to the American Red Cross. Your continued support to our company will help us send much needed supplies to many in need on their road to rebuilding.
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Gourmet Burgers

Get your grill ready for a flavor packed Burger! Our line of Burgers contains 100% all natural meat with zero fillers. All of our meat have been ethically raised utilizing the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones are never used. Our wide selection of Burgers transforms recipes into memorable meals that are sure to please everyone at the table.

  • Piedmontese Burgers

    2 each (8oz patty)
    Piedmontese Burgers

    Juicy, healthy and delicious! Our Piedmontese burgers are lean, low in both fat and calories,  Each package contains two 8 ounce burgers.  Best served medium rare. 

    What proteins can I eat if I am adhering to a Paleo diet? Piedmont beef should be one of your go-to proteins! This lean, all-natural meat is an ideal option for those keeping with the Caveman diet. 

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    Sue Sews commented on 06-Jul-2016 07:34 AM5 out of 5 stars
    I love piedmontese beef, too! I think it is a nice compromise between those that are too-greasy and too-dry. Just about a perfect balance. I will be sticking with this type for any ground product and may eventually try a steak although I don't often indulge in those. You really need to try these. And the 3 pk burger size seems just about right too.
    Sally commented on 09-Jun-2016 11:56 AM3 out of 5 stars
    I love Piedmontese Beef! This Fossil Farms beef is the best beef in the world, juicy, flavorful and healthier than regular beef. I don't use anything but Piedmontese for burgers, meatloaf and sauce.; it adds such great flavor to everything.

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    Piedmontese Burgers
    Piedmontese Burgers


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