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Piedmontese Beef

Never have a tough piece of meat again! With Piedmontese Beef, we can guarantee it. Originally from the Alpine Hills of Northern Italy, this breed of cattle is naturally tender. Blessed with a unique genetic structure, they have more muscle fibers, that are smaller, which require minimal force to cut or chew. Our Piedmontese Beef, grown in the Midwest, has an incredible flavor profile because it is pasture raised and finished by feeding on source verified vegetarian grain. They are humanely raised, 100% all natural and are part of the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, hormones and steroids are never used. These cattle are packed with vitamins, minerals and are low in cholesterol. We know our farmers and can source verify the origin of the family owned ranches that these cattle come from.

  • Piedmontese Standing Rib Roast

    4 lb. (average)
    Piedmontese Standing Rib Roast

    Our Certified Piedmontese Beef Bone-In Prime Rib Roast will be the star at your dinner table! This Succulent and tender roast is marbled perfectly to keep the itself marinating itself throughout the cooking time. We suggest a cook time of 15 minutes per pound starting at 400°, then 350° for the remaining time until medium rare.

    Each package contains one 4 pound average roast. 

    What proteins can I eat if I am adhering to a Paleo diet? Piedmont beef should be one of your go-to proteins! This lean, all-natural meat is an ideal option for those keeping with the Caveman diet. 

    **This item requires ample lead time. Please call our office to purchase this product, 973-917-3155.


    Fossil Farms Piedmontese Rib Roast
    with Dijon Mustard Crust and Foie Gras Butter

    Download printable .pdf file.

    1 Fossil Farms Piedmontese 4 LB rib roast
    2 tbsp. grapeseed oil
    1⁄4 cup Dijon mustard
    1 tbsp. honey
    2 cups panko breadcrumbs
    1 oz. chopped parsley
    1⁄2 tsp. salt and pepper

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large cast iron pan, add grape seed oil and turn on high heat. Once pan is hot, almost to the point of smoking, sear the Piedmontese rib roast on all sides until evenly browned. Remove from pan and put to the side. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the mustard, honey, salt and pepper and whisk until smooth. Generously cover the Piedmontese roast with the mustard mix. In a second large mixing bowl, mix the breadcrumbs and parsley. Roll the rib roast that has now been seared and covered in honey Dijon in the breadcrumbs. Place on roasting rack in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees for medium rare doneness. Let rest at least 10 minutes before slicing.

    For the Foie Gras Butter
    4 oz. Fossil Farms pre-sliced Foie Gras
    4 oz. high quality unsalted butter
    Pinch of kosher salt, pepper, and nutmeg

    Place the 4 oz. Foie Gras in a plastic zip lock bag. Make an ice water bath and set aside. In salted boiling water poach the Foie Gras until soft and starting to melt, about 2 minutes. Drop the bag in the ice water to cool. Remove the Foie Gras from the water bath and place in food processor. Add butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg and process until smooth. Wrap in plastic wrap and keep refrigerated. To serve, slice Foie Gras butter and place on top of sliced Piedmontese rib roast.

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    Piedmontese Standing Rib Roast
    Piedmontese Standing Rib Roast


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