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Sourced from truly wild Axis Deer from Maui’s highlands, these deer have roamed unrestricted by fences their entire lives, until they are harvested under strict USDA inspection. Originating in India, the deer were introduced to the Hawaiian islands in the late 1800s. Axis deer are the largest of the tropical deer species and have evolved in Hawaii without the stresses of season, migrations and predators. The result is a delicate, sweet and full flavor compared to any other venison.

  • Maui Venison Tenderloin

    1 lb. (average)
    Maui Venison Tenderloin
    Also known as the filet mignon cut, the Maui Venison Tenderloin has been trimmed and is ready to be cooked. Great when grilled whole or roasted in the oven. Another option is to cut the Venison into filet steaks for individual portions. Cook to medium rare for the best eating experience. For a new twist, fully wrap in bacon and roast for a restaurant quality meal.

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    Maui Venison Tenderloin
    Maui Venison Tenderloin


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