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Yak - Grass Fed Himalayan Breed Beef

Once you try Yak you’ll never go back! Fossil Farms Yak are 97% lean, raised approximately four to five years on family owned pastures in Colorado. Yak carries three times the amount of oxygen in their blood stream allowing for a higher count of minerals, omega 3 and protein. Raised at elevations higher than 9500 feet, our Yak are grass-fed and grass-finished. This breed of cattle has a deep red color and a slightly sweet, delicate beef flavor, while being noticeably more tender than beef or bison. This meat does not have a gamey taste. Part of the “Never Ever Program”, our cattle are never administered antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Yak is a lean, heart healthy meat, that is a great alternative for the beef lover in your family!



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