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About Us

Fossil Farms is a family-owned and operated business. Our corporate office is now located in Boonton, NJ (we moved in February 2010). Fossil Farms opened its doors for business in 1997 with our primary line - Ostrich. Over the years, Fossil Farms has grown to include other farm-raised game & all natural meats such as: Alligator, Antelope, Buffalo, Duck, Elk, Rabbit, Guinea Hens, Poussin, Squab, Venison, Wild Boar, Piedmontese Beef, , Quail, Pheasant and Caribou (just to name a few).  Fossil Farms is national recognized by some of the country's top 5 star chefs.  Chefs, food service distributors and home cooks can count on Fossil Farms to provide the highest quality meats delivered to your door.  Now what you can have at a restaurant, you can have at home!

What sets Fossil Farms apart from our competitors?

In ten years Fossil Farms has met and exceeded the rigorous demands of the market place.  Our distributorship has morphed from a very small operation with just a few key products into what is now considered to be a premier specialty All Natural Meat & Farm Raised Game distributor.  Throughout this last decade. founder Lance Appelbaum has stayed true to his original plan; to provide the highest quality and consistency in the product line and maintain integral relationships with the Farmers and animals that the company represents.  All of our items are from sustainable small family farms.  Sustainable farming is simply the responsible practice of meeting our common need for good, clean, delicious & nutritional food without endangering the future.  We believe in giving back to the agriculture that has been so good to us.   

  • QUALITY:  Fossil Farms has carefully selected only a few local farmers to represent the product portfolio. These smaller farms have fully embraced raising their livestock under conditions that are reflected in the quality of the meat.

  • CONSISTENCY:  For the "Gourmet or the Gourmand" a product that is unflagging in quality and consistency will be sought after time and time again.  Our customers have come to trust our products.  By design, most of our cuts of meat are very closely trimmed.  We do this so that the consumer is guaranteed as close to 100% yield as possible, every time. 

  • INTEGRAL RELATIONSHIPS:  Respectful relationships with our farmers are critical to uphold and determine the success of our company.  We look for vertically integrated farms that manage everything from breeding, raising, feeding and harvesting.  Fossil Farms believes in the integrity of our authentically natural, unadulterated products.

Fossil Farms values and appreciates your business. Whether you are a gourmet chef or a home chef, it is our goal to provide you with the best quality product available on the market, complimented by the highest standard of customer service.

YOU are our #1 priority.
Thank you for your continued patronage.




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