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All Natural Angus Beef

As leaders of our industry and stewards to the environment, Fossil Farms is committed to the humane raising and handling of our cattle. We have partnered with northeast regional family farmers from Virginia to Vermont. Raised to the specifications of the “Never Ever Program”, these Angus cattle are never given antibiotics, steroids or hormones. This is the highest quality beef raised in the northeast! Our Angus cattle are pasture raised and grain finished for a minimum of 100 days for superior marbling and taste. Fossil Farms Angus Beef is vibrant red in color and has a clean tasting finish.

  • Angus Flank Steak
    Angus Flank Steak
    4 LB. (AVERAGE)
    • Price: $88.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Brisket
    Angus Beef Brisket
    12 lb. (average)
    • Price: $120.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Inside Skirt Steak
    Angus Beef Inside Skirt Steak
    3.5 lb. (average)
    • Price: $85.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Ribeye Loin
    Angus Beef Ribeye Loin
    16 lb. (average)
    • Price: $285.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Short Ribs
    Angus Beef Short Ribs
    2 each (4.5 lb. average per pc)
    • Price: $180.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Strip Loin
    Angus Beef Strip Loin
    13 lb. (average)
    • Price: $218.00 
    • Qty:
  • Angus Beef Tenderloin
    Angus Beef Tenderloin
    5.5 lb. (average)
    • Price: $140.00 
    • Qty:


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