Wagyu Beef

Domestic Wagyu "Kobe" Beef

Grown in the Pacific Northwest of North America, Fossil Farm's Domestic Wagyu cattle are raised by a network of family farmers who breed, feed and humanely care for the animals. This famous breed from Japan “Wagyu”, has been crossed with a “Black Angus” cattle for a great beef flavor that caters to the American Palate. While mostly pasture raised, Fossil Farm's Wagyu cattle are, also, fed farm-local grain, corn, alfalfa, barley and wheat. Typically, US beef takes one hundred and twenty days to mature. At Fossil Farms, we slowly raise our Wagyu cattle, also known as “Kobe”, for about five hundred days to ensure the perfect marbling in each cut of meat. This is luxury meat at its finest, where the quality of marbled fat equals unparalleled flavor!

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