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Antelope (Eland)

Sourced from truly wild Antelope (Eland)from Maui’s highlands, these deer have roamed unrestricted by fences their entire lives, until they are harvested under strict USDA inspection. The Antelope were introduced to the Hawaiian islands in the late 1800s. These are the largest breed of Antelope species and have evolved in Hawaii without the stresses of season, migrations and predators. The result is a delicate, sweet and full flavor very similar to venison.

  • Antelope Ground
    Antelope Ground
    1 lb. package (average)
    • Price: $18.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Flat Iron
    Antelope Flat Iron
    3 lb. (average)
    • Price: $55.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Sirloin Steak
    Antelope Sirloin Steak
    1 each (16oz average)
    • Price: $18.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Ribeye Loin
    Antelope Ribeye Loin
    7 lb. (average)
    • Price: $266.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Strip Loin
    Antelope Strip Loin
    8 lb. (average)
    • Price: $325.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Tenderloin
    Antelope Tenderloin
    3 lb. (average)
    • Price: $150.00 
    • Qty:
  • Antelope Osso Buco
    Antelope Osso Buco
    4 each (4 lb. average)
    • Price: $60.00 
    • Qty:


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