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Chef Testimonials

Fossil Farms is a mission driven company guided by a few core principles.

This means, consistently having the best quality products and the best service in the industry.

Chef Testimonials

Chef Name: Joshua Peoples
Restaurant Name: Hudson Clearwater

"As a chef, quality of product and utilizing local purveyors are two of my top priorities. I use Fossil Farms because they are dedicated to giving me responsibly raised proteins to serve to my customers."

-Joshua Peoples / Hudson Clearwater

Chef Name: Gary King
Restaurant Name: PRINT

"I have worked with Fossil Farms for nearly a decade. They are unique in the industry in that they offer ethically raised meats with consistency and high quality for my menus, such as Heritage Pork, Pasture Raised Chickens and Regional Dry Aged Beef."

-Gary King / PRINT

Chef Name: Megan Johnson & Jen Laporta
Restaurant Name: Hudson Jane

"Ethically sourced meat is important to us as a restaurant. Taste profiles of meat sourced from ethical farmers is evident in the finished products and Fossil Farms brings us the best quality out there."

-Megan Johnson & Jen Laporta / Hudson Jane

Chef Name: Joseph Cuccia
Restaurant Name: 17 Summer

"Fossil Farms is an outstanding company to work with. The products are always up to par and consistent. The Customer service and willingness of the sales team is amazing. They understand what we want in our products and work with us to support our philosophy. It is very rare that you find a vendor who is as dedicated to the quality and standards at all points in the process. They hold the integrity of the ingredients as we do and allow us to explore more unique options on our menus."

-Joseph Cuccia / Owner / Executive Chef / 17 Summer

Chef Name: David Fitelson
Restaurant Name: Wobbly Barn

"Since I was a young boy in kitchens I’ve always been taught to take your time and do things properly. Only source the best products and don’t try to adulteries them, just find ways to compliment and highlight them. When I met Lance from Fossil farms at a trade show I knew we would be in good hands no matter what product we were working with. His eagerness, excitement and pride in his product spoke volumes. So when it came to selecting a purveyor for my pork chops and rabbit for the Wobbly Barn I thought who better to reach out to and boy did they deliver! Their Heritage farms pork and young rabbits were second to none. Their heritage Berkshire pork blew everything that I had sampled to that point off the table, the marbling was to die for and the consistency was impeccable. When people asked what I did to make the pork so much better the answer was simple, I teamed up with fossil farm and got us the best quality pork I’d ever seen. I wish I had found Fossil farms earlier in my career and I continue to look forward to the many future products to feature on our menu for the years to come. Keep up the good work!"

-David Fitelson / Head Chef / Wobbly Barn

Chef Name: Robbie Felice
Restaurant Name: Viaggio Restaurant

"For me, Fossil Farms is exactly what I want in a company. They only supply the highest quality products, as well as focusing on locally sourced products. Fossil Farms really is the help of what we do here at Viaggio. Whole animal butchery is one of the most important things to us, as well as knowing where these animals are coming from and how they are being treated. Fossil Farms customer service is top notch, and I am extremely thankful to be working with them!"

-Robbie Felice / Executive Chef / Viaggio Restaurant

Chef Name: Mimi Woods
Restaurant Name: Washington Inn

"I have been a Fossil Farms customer for over 10 years. The quality of products and excellent customer service that we receive is top notch! When I place an order, I count on delivery the next day. And if I forget to place my weekly order, they call to remind me. We've had Magret duck on our menu for the past 10 years and it continues to be one of our best selling items."

-Mimi Woods / Executive Chef / Washington Inn

Chef Name: Nick Catalodo
Restaurant Name: CATA

"Fossil Farms continues to deliver on point with consistent products available nowhere else. I can always count on them to come through with exactly what I need."

-Nick Catalodo / Executive Chef / CATA

Chef Name: Paolo Peralta
Restaurant Name: Gran Electrica

"Love working with Fossil Farms and their outstanding customer service. They have the best Pork for our Carnitas, along with other amazing products."

-Paolo Peralta / Executive Chef / Gran Electrica

Chef Name: Gene Philbin
Restaurant Name: Peculiar Culinary Co.

"I use Fossil Farms products because they are committed to quality, sustainability, and supporting local farms. Knowing where everything comes from is very important to me, and above all, Fossil Farms is there when I need them! The service is second to none!"

-Gene Philbin / Owner & Executive Chef / Peculiar Culinary Co.

Chef Name: Brian Poe
Restaurant Name: The Tip Tap Room

"I’ve been a fan of Fossil Farms since 2000. They’ve always provided high quality products and customer service. I think of them every time I explore wild game dishes because they have been key in my own education and success."

-Brian Poe / Owner & Executive Chef / The Tip Tap Room

Chef Name: Jarett Appell
Restaurant Name: Stella 34 Trattoria

"I enjoy working closely with Fossil Farms and applaud their commitment to local sourcing of meat and game, interesting cuts and exceptional quality. We at Stella 34 Trattoria also share a unique exchange with Fossil Farms where we provide dehydrated vegetable compost that is then fed to pigs, and in turn we purchase whole pigs from Fossil Farms. This program makes me an advocate for them and the work that they do on a very personal level."

-Jarett Appell / Executive Chef / Stella 34 Trattoria

Chef Name: Michele Baldacci
Restaurant Name: Locanda Vini e Olii

"Locanda Vini e Olii began using Fossil Farms over 15 years ago, when we first opened. We chose Fossil Farms because it was the only purveyor of Piedmontese beef, a particular breed of cattle originally imported from Northern Italy. Fossil Farms is also our first choice for quality duck, rabbit, wild boar, and other game. Thank you for your commitment to always providing excellent products!"

-Michele Baldacci / Co-Owner & Executive Chef / Locanda Vini e Olii

Chef Name: Billy Kooper
Restaurant Name: Route 66 Smokehouse

"Working with Fossil Farms has always ensured consistency of great products! Knowing that you start with a great product means you will end with a great product."

-Billy Kooper / Chef / Route 66 Smokehouse

Chef Name: Antonio Prontelli
Restaurant Name: Rock Center Café

"It's a pleasure working with Fossil Farms - they consistently deliver on their promise of quality, sustainably-raised meats. I love that they butcher the chickens to order, so I know I'm getting the freshest ingredients for my guests."

-Antonio Prontelli / Executive Chef / Rock Center Café

Chef Name: Ryan Hardy
Restaurant Name: Charlie Bird

"Fossil Farms provides us with consistent, quality farm-raised meats. Having previously owned a farm, I know how hard it is to coordinate the growth, handling and sales to consumers like restaurants and Fossil never fails to deliver the quality I expect as a farmer or as a chef."

-Ryan Hardy / Chef/Partner / Charlie Bird

Chef Name: Jason DeBriere
Restaurant Name: Tacombi

"I have been working with Fossil Farms for the last 5 years and trust that the product I'm receiving is the best available on the market. Typically we use whole hogs brought to us every week from New Jersey. Fossil Farms has allowed me to tailor my orders and my needs for all Tacombi Restaurants, providing me the best quality products."

-Jason DeBriere / Executive Chef of Tacombi

Chef Name: Matthew Rudofker
Restaurant Name: Momofuku Ssäm Bar

"We partner with Fossil Farms because, like us, they are dedicated to providing products that are both high in quality and sourced responsibly."

-Matthew Rudofker / Executive Chef / Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Chef Name: Peter Molinari
Restaurant Name: Eataly USA

"The main reason I love dealing with Fossil Farms is the fact that they source from Local Farms. I can always get some of the best pork and game from them. They always have all of the information from diet and breeds."

-Peter Molinari / General Manager Meat and Seafood / Eataly USA

Chef Name: Mike Barbera
Restaurant Name: Maple

"Fossil Farms is a great asset to NYC Chefs and their kitchens by offering us naturally and locally raised meats with consistent supply and distribution."

-Mike Barbera / Culinary Director / Maple

Chef Name: Matthew Riznyk
Restaurant Name: Great Performances

"Fossil Farms’ unending commitment to quality and sustainability is second to none. I have known both Lance and Ben for many years. They truly are masters of their crafts. It is amazing to see the company grow into what it is now without losing the personal touch and highest standards we have always received."

-Matthew Riznyk / Executive Chef-Catering / Great Performances

Chef Name: Florian Wehrli
Restaurant Name: Triomphe Restaurant

"It is very important to me to find products that I can trace back to the source. It is the only way to have real quality. Fossil Farms is one of the best examples of this dedication. Besides going out of their way to find crazy requests we chefs sometimes come up with, they follow up and really care about the product they supply. Just like us, they want the end user, our guests, to have great food that we are all proud of. Thanks for the passion!"

-Florian Wehrli / Executive Chef / Iroquois Hotel / Triomphe Restaurant

Chef Name: Bryan Hunt
Restaurant Name: Riverpark Restaurant

"I’ve been working with Fossil Farms for the past seven years and I’ve always been impressed with the quality and consistency of their products and their commitment to responsible sourcing. When we opened Riverpark, they introduced us to their Heritage Pork rack, which is now a signature dish on our menu and the star of my family BBQs."

-Bryan Hunt / Executive Chef / Riverpark Restaurant

Chef Name: Jason Pfeifer
Restaurant Name: Maialino

"I’ve been working with Fossil Farms for the past seven years and I’ve always been impressed with the quality and consistency of their products and their commitment to responsible sourcing. When we opened Riverpark, they introduced us to their Heritage Pork rack, which is now a signature dish on our menu and the star of my family BBQs."

-Bryan Hunt / Executive Chef / Riverpark Restaurant

"I use Fossil Farms because I appreciate their constancy and their dedication to sourcing products raised with a chef’s perfectionism."

-Jason Pfeifer / Chef de Cuisine / Maialino

Chef Name: David Nichols
Restaurant Name: Irvington

"I love working with Fossil Farms to source local and sustainable meats for our menu. They have a vast selection of meat and poultry to choose from. Knowing where our meat comes from and how it is raised in a humanly way is very important to myself and our guests."

-David Nichols / Executive Chef / Irvington

Chef Name: Daniel Brunina
Restaurant Name: Lincoln Creek Smokehouse

"I love Fossil Farms products. Their meat is always of the highest quality and integrity. I enjoy the fact that I know exactly where things are sourced from and how they are raised. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a meat company that puts quality above bottom line."

-Daniel Brunina / Owner / Lincoln Creek Smokehouse

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