Healthy Eating Ideas

Lean products are always trending. Whether you’re changing your eating habits or just looking to change your game, we offer a variety of proteins to satisfy your cravings.

all natural chicken


Fossil Farms 100% all-natural, free range Dutch Morgan Breed chicken tastes like the chicken you had when you were young - clean and flavorful.

all natural turkey


Our humanely raised Turkeys are closer in taste to Wild Turkeys, which means they are full of flavor, tender and juicy.

all natural turkey

Game Birds

Game Birds are a great substitute for chicken, enhancing the flavors of your favorite recipe. Nutritional benefits include a lean, low calorie, high protein bird packed with vitamins and minerals.

bison meat


This heart healthy protein is high in iron and vitamins and low in cholesterol and fats. A great alternative to beef.

elk meat


High in protein and low in cholesterol, this meat is a good source for iron, phosphorus and zinc. Elk is a great red meat alternative.

emu meat


Fossil Farms Emu is similar to grass-fed beef in color and taste, but slightly sweeter. This red meat is lean and low in cholesterol.

kangaroo meat


Kangaroo meat is 99% fat free, low in cholesterol and high in iron. This tender red meat has sweet flavor notes and is a great alternative to beef.

certified piedmontese beef

Certified Piedmontese Beef

This breed of cattle is naturally tender, low in cholesterol compared to other beef and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

ostrich meat


Boasting more health benefits than skinless chicken breast and turkey, Ostrich is 99% fat free! With a taste similar to grass fed beef, this lean protein is recommended by the American Heart Association to promote healthy eating.

rabbit meat


Rabbit meat is a lean and healthy protein, that tastes similar to chicken, but with slightly sweeter flavor notes.



We offer two types of Venison, Cervena from New Zealand and Axis Deer from Maui. Both varieties are low in cholesterol, higher in protein and vitamins compared to traditional beef.

yak meat


This breed of cattle is 97% fat free! Yak meat has a deep red color and a slightly sweet, delicate beef flavor. This heart healthy meat is a great alternative for any beef lover.