Customer Highlight:
Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern

Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern

At Fossil Farms, we appreciate when a Chef has a vision that serves as a cornerstone for every choice they make when running their kitchen and Executive Chef David Rabin, of Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern, is no exception.

With a background in fine dining, Rabin utilizes his high level of technique to present expertly crafted dishes inspired by Appalachian cuisine. His elevated pub menu utilizes ingredients sourced from local farms and features Fossil Farms' game meat regularly because what speaks more to Appalachian food culture than incorporating the abundance of the great outdoors onto your plate?

"Working with Fossil Farms has made it very easy to source and serve our guests some of my personal favorite game meats. It typically isn’t easy to offer wild game due to the USDA regulations, but Fossil Farms makes it easy. Our partnership has allowed me to show our guest my passion for wild game and sustainable meat options outside of the typical restaurant offerings."

- David Rabin, Executive Chef of Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern
  locations in Fairfax and Vienna, Virginia

David Rabin shares a similar commitment to Fossil Farms—from sourcing all natural products to operating in a sustainably manner—and the value in that speaks for itself in the quality of each dish he presents to guests at Caboose Tavern.