Reshaping Culinary Innovation

with Freedom Run Farm 


In honor of Women's History Month, we are privileged to highlight the remarkable journey of Valerie Samutin, a visionary reshaping the food and agriculture landscape. With Freedom Run Farm, Valerie has not only redefined premium quality lamb production but also championed sustainability and culinary excellence. Join us as we delve into Valerie's inspiring journey, marked by unwavering dedication and a commitment to fostering a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Valerie Samutin - Executive Director and Founder of Freedom Run Farm



What inspired you to venture into the food and agriculture industry, and how did Freedom Run Farm come to fruition?

Sharing a meal and the fruits of my labor at the end of the day with friends and family is what life is all about. Of course, a great-tasting meal calls for the best ingredients you can find. I love lamb and grew up ordering it every time I went to a restaurant. It was delicious and impossible to find at a grocery store. I decided to become a shepherdess and build on our farm’s greatest strength, its pastures. Along the way, I had some wonderful old-time mentors, and I started questioning why imports and commodities dominated the market. Production models were all over the place and it was hard to find lamb that tasted great consistently. I distinctly remember when I thought of the idea of the consortium while setting up the next rotational grazing cell for my flock. I saw an opportunity; there was strength in numbers. I wanted to create a path to market for my fellow shepherds; to develop a brand that stood for our diverse consortium and to present an alternative in a market dominated by imports and heavily rooted in commodity farming.

Impact on the Industry:

Reflecting on your journey, what do you believe has been the most significant impact of Freedom Run Farm on the food and agriculture industry?

Freedom Run Farm has always been committed to producing premium quality lamb, consistently, all year round. We are culinary-centric. We spent 18 months collaborating with an amazing group of farm-to-table chefs to develop our specifications. It’s a dynamic process where feedback continues to be vital; we are always learning, always striving to understand more and improve. We have focused on producing a great tasting lamb from the first to last bite. Lamb is not supposed to have a gamey taste, it should be a rich decadent red meat choice. Kind of like dark chocolate is to milk chocolate.

Support and Encouragement:

From your experience, what kind of support and encouragement do you believe are crucial for women looking to enter and excel in the food and agriculture field, and how can companies like Fossil Farms contribute to fostering that support?

It is extremely challenging for a small company to have a chance to break through and accomplish its goals. Fossil Farms has been an amazing industry partner from the very beginning. They saw our passion, authenticity, and commitment to quality. They also share our deep commitment to sustainability and have encouraged us every step of the way. As a woman working in the food and agricultural realms, it has been especially difficult to secure this kind of support. Financial resources are limited, and establishing credibility for a fledgling business takes time. Without a doubt, the support of a well-established, highly respected industry leader like Fossil Farms is integral to our continued success in building credibility in the marketplace. This can take the form of ongoing purchase orders for our product, features at special events, and visibility in their marketplace.

Future Plans:

As a trailblazer, what are your future aspirations for Freedom Run Farm, and how do you envision the company contributing to the industry's sustainable growth?




Valerie Samutin's journey with Freedom Run Farm encapsulates the epitome of culinary innovation and sustainability. Through her unwavering dedication, Valerie has not only redefined premium quality lamb production but has also set a new standard for ethical farming practices. As we reflect on her remarkable contributions, let us continue to be inspired by Valerie's commitment to shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future in the food and agriculture industry.