Easter Table with Ham

A Time for Rebirth

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or simply the beginning of Spring, this is a time of year to celebrate with friends and family. The warmer weather outside and the flowers beginning to bloom is a sign of rebirth and not being stuck inside the house any longer because of the cold gloominess of Winter.

Easter Traditions Around the Globe

Ham is the meal of choice for a lot of people in the United States, but that is not the case everywhere. Here are some of the culinary traditions you will find from all over the world.

  • Poland

Zurek is a traditional soup found on the Polish holiday table. Made from rye flour, sausage, carrot, basil, and other spices, this soup is normally served in a bread bowl alongside hard-boiled eggs.

  • France

Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal is a leg of lamb dish which brings a showstopper of a presentation to the table. While French cuisine can often be complex in the preparation, this dish is surprisingly simple and truly makes the lamb the star.

  • Italy

Pizza Chiena is a love letter to the Spring and the Italians’ love of delicious cured meats. This is not the sort of pizza we know, and love, in the United States, this dish more resembles a pie featuring various meats, cheeses, and eggs.

  • Georgia

Chakapuli is a lamb stew featured on the Georgian easter table. Featuring the flavors of white wine, tarragon, and green plums, this savory, tart, and sweet stew is incredibly complex on the palate.

  • Greece

Tsoureki is a sweetbread served in Greece during Easter. In both Christian and Pagan culture, this bread is meant to represent life. Like a lot of foods during this holiday season, this is served alongside hard-boiled eggs.

  • Mexico

Capirotada is a bread pudding which has different variations of ingredients based on the region. Despite the subtle changes there are a few items which are found in all versions, bread, fruits, cinnamon, and cloves are always found in this holiday treat.

  • Romania

Pasca is one of Romania’s favorite easter foods which has its roots in pagan culture. A sweetbread made with cheese and raisins, the golden color of the bread is said to represent the sun while the circular shape symbolizes life. Eating this bread at Easter is said to give you prosperity throughout the year.

  • England

Hot crossed buns, while available year-round, are the rolls served in England during the Easter holiday. Once stuffed with dried fruits, it is not uncommon to now find these full of chocolate and nuts. Giving these to friends is supposed to strengthen the relationship.

  • Ecuador

With its ingredients coming from all the different regions of the small South American country, Fanesca perfectly represents the unity of the people and the diversity of food found there. This soup is made of fish, milk, cheese, beans, flour, garlic, and 12 types of grains.

  • Cyprus

What better way to represent the coming of the warmer weather than to break out the grill. Souvla is a very traditional lamb skewer which the Cypriots have for lunch on easter.

  • Jamaica

Escovitch is a fried fish dish usually served on Good Friday. This dish is then topped with a spicy sauce which consists of peppers, onions, and carrot. It is normally served with either rice or a traditional bread called bammy.

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