Other companies have VIP programs where you have to pay for a place at The Table. You're offered exclusive deals and superior service for a price. We personally think this is crazy. Why should you have to pay to get better service and be made to feel like you are a VIP?

We are upgrading each and every one of our email newsletter subscribers to VIP status. Will you get a different level of service? That's hard to do when you're already getting the best customer service in the industry at Fossil Farms, which is what every customer deserves, in our opinion. So, what will you get for being a VIP? We're glad you asked!

Starting in the new year we'll no longer be offering all of our sales to everyone. As a subscriber to our newsletter and a Fossil Farms VIP, you'll get exclusive access to a number of sales throughout the year. On top of these exclusive sales, you'll also get insider early access to some of our public sales as well. Lastly, you'll get a monthly newsletter with exclusive recipes and content. 

If you don’t already get our emails, it’s as easy as scrolling to the bottom of our webpage and submitting your email on the bottom right. That's all you need to become part of our VIP program and get these exclusive offerings. You can also subscribe by clicking this link and submitting the sign up form.  

Did you know that Fossil Farms has an outstanding and free loyalty program as well? Just by being a member of our VIP newsletter you already have points waiting to be claimed. Make sure you sign up to get the full benefits of membership, which includes discounts for your orders by accumulating points. Sign up here!