Pro Kitchen

Once the food hits the table and everyone is enjoying it, the battle is already over. The true feat is what happens behind the scenes back in the kitchen. Prepping, cooking, and getting everything out at relatively the same time is where the magic really happens. Having the right tools for the job is a key to success.

We’ve asked our tribe of chefs what their essential kitchen equipment is at home, and below is that curated list. While we do not directly endorse any specific brands, we do favor the brands listed with each product


10” + Heavy Cast Iron Skillet - Lodge

Why: very versatile cooking medium, when well preheated, it will maintain heat longer than aluminum or steel pans, and when properly seasoned it is as good, if not better than, nonstick / Teflon pans. Easy to cook from stove top to oven.

2 qt Sauce Pot – All Clad

Why: perfect size for making sauce, reducing stock, boiling water, blanching vegetables, cooking grains. Also, doesn’t take up too much space in the cabinet or drawer!

8 qt Enameled Dutch Oven – Le Creuset

Why: versatile pot for soups, roasts, braising or large cooking of pasta / vegetables.

12” + Straight Sided Sauté Pan 3 qt + - All Clad

Why: versatile pan for roasting, searing, braising. Generally comes with tight fitting lid to keep the splatter in the pan.

½ Sheet Pan, Heavy – Nordic Ware

Why: versatile oven pan for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, roasting meats / seafood. Also great to use as a seasoning pan for roasts and vegetables, Add a wire rack and now it’s the perfect resting rack for steaks or roasts to rest before carving.

¼ Sheet Pan, Heavy – Nordic Ware

Why: versatile for all the same reasons of the ½ sheet pan but more efficient for smaller jobs.

16 qt Stock Pot – All Clad

Why: best for making stock from leftover bones and vegetable scraps. Useful when preparing lobsters and meals for large gatherings.

Stay Tuned for part 2 where we go over all the knives and other equipment which is essential to cooking like a pro.