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Hop, skip or jump for the best Kangaroo around! Our Kangaroo are wild, not farm raised. Harvested by wildlife authorities under strict guidelines set forth by the Australian government, ensures sustainability for future generations. These Kangaroo graze naturally on grass pastures. Kangaroo meat is 99% fat free, low in cholesterol and high in iron. This tender red meat has sweet flavor notes and is great marinated.


  • The sale of Kangaroo meat and/or products is prohibited in the State of California.
  • Kangaroo Sausage
    Kangaroo Sausage
    4 each (3.5oz Links)
    • Price: $14.00 
    • Qty:
  • Kangaroo Denver Leg
    Kangaroo Denver Leg
    2 lb. (Average)
    • Price: $45.00 
    • Qty:
  • Kangaroo Ground
    Kangaroo Ground
    1 lb. package (average)
    • Price: $15.00 
    • Qty:
  • Kangaroo Boneless Loins
    Kangaroo Boneless Loins
    2 lb. package (average)
    • Price: $30.00 
    • Qty:


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