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Looking for that perfect gift or a sampling for yourself? We have hand selected some of our favorite and most popular meats to create the packages below. These packages are a great way to venture into the wonderful flavors of what Fossil Farms has to offer!

  • Cured Meat Sampler

    Cured Meat Sampler
    The Cured Meat Sampler is ready to eat. Contains spicy, sweet and smoked charcuterie. Just add cheese and crackers for a great snack or appetizer. 

    This package contains: 

    1- 6.5oz (each) Bison Salami
    1- 6.5oz (each) Elk Salami
    1- 5oz (each) Black Truffle Country Style Salami
    1 - 5oz (each) Hot Country Style Soppresatta
    1 - 5oz (each) Sweet Country Style Soppresatta
    1- 5oz (each) Country Style with Beer
    1 - 11oz (each) Moulard Duck Breast Prosciutto
    1- 1.5oz (each) Iberico Pre Sliced 

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    Cured Meat Sampler
    Cured Meat Sampler


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