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Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef

With an A-5 grading, this is the best Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef on the market. Grown on the island of Shodoshima, these Wagyu cattle feed on crushed olives from olive oil extraction. The region, also, produces 99% of Japan’s award winning olive oil. The olives help by making the meat rich, buttery and supremely marbled. A high oleic acid content not only improves the taste of the beef, but it is healthy for you too. For 1300 years, farmers have raised Wagyu cattle here. Even the shape of the island looks like a cow. Season with salt and pepper, sear in a pan for about 1-2 minutes per side. Let rest for about 2 minutes before enjoying this delicacy.

  • Authentic Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak
    1 each (13oz average)
    • Price: $110.00 
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