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Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef

This 100% Authentic, Purebred, Wagyu Beef is from the Miyazaki region of Japan. This specific breed, known as Japanese Black, is prized for its intense marbling and has won the “Wagyu Olympics” multiple times. The reason the Miyazaki region has produced prized Wagyu Beef, year after year, is because they only raise cattle by the breed type and biological makeup. With a diet mainly of wheat and corn, the Wagyu Beef becomes incredibly marbled. Graded – A5 – with a marble score of 8 puts this cut above the rest. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity with 9 points of criteria and the animal’s nose print.

  • Authentic Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak
    Authentic Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak
    1 each (12 oz average)
    • Price: $118.00 
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