Kangaroo Bulgogi


We all know the taste of beef, chicken, and pork. Some have also had lamb and possibly duck, but how many people have given farm raised and wild game meat a shot, though? Whether you start more traditionally with something like venison, or go more exotic with kangaroo or camel, game meat is the perfect addition to your diet.

Much more prominent in kitchens outside the United States, wild game doesn’t carry the stigma that some have for it domestically. Especially on the East Coast, ironically where Fossil Farms is located, wild game meat, for one reason or another, hasn’t taken off like it has in the rest of the world. The best chance to find these delicious meats on a restaurant menu is in the Winter with braises and stews or, perhaps, in the format of a game meat burger, which we agree, is a great way to experience game meat for first-timers.

We are here to tell you game meat is great year-round! Whether you are grilling ribeye steaks in the Summer or looking to braise osso buco in the Winter, there is no time of year that isn’t ideal for wild game. As you read in Kristy Del Coro’s guest post earlier this month, farm raised and wild game meat is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that our diets often lack and, in most cases, is a heathier option than its more common alternative. What some of you may be asking though is, how does game meat taste?

This chart will help you understand the nuances of flavor across the diverse selection of products Fossil Farms has to offer and enable you to make a more informed decision about which game meats you may want to try based on other meats you already enjoy or are accustomed to cooking. 

 Fossil Farms Game Meat Tasting Chart