Elk Rib Chop Tonkatsu and Asian Slaw


The month of February marks American Heart Month—a time to spread awareness about cardiovascular health, which is one of the most common health problems in the United States. The phrase “you are what you eat” is pertinent to this conversation because our diets are what nourish us and bring balance to our bodies if we are consuming the proper types and serving sizes of food.

Fossil Farms has been sourcing the highest quality, all natural, sustainably raised proteins for over a quarter century. What we have found through 26 years of foraging the earth for the cleanest and purest products is that it’s not easy! Fossil Farms works with over 1000 independently owned family farms as our vital supply chain for our growing line of products. So, relax, we’ve done the hard work of validating and ensuring the quality of ingredients.

Now that you have the ingredients nailed down, how to cook it??? Fossil Farms has built an extensive library of recipes featuring our exceptional products as well as fresh produce, nutritious grains all in easy-to-follow recipes curated and written by our own team of chefs as well as some of our chef clients.

Eating is the fun part, right? We follow a philosophy of cook well and eat often, in balance. So, grab your family members, invite some friends and neighbors over, and break bread over a good meal