Mother's Day

For a lot of people, our mothers are among the first people to inspire us in the kitchen. With the love they put into each dish and the joy that is felt serving their creations to all their loved ones, it helped instill those same feelings in so many of us. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, what better time to meet our talented crew of chefs and learn how their mothers have inspire them?

Executive Chef Bianca Concepcion:

Bianca with Her Mom“This recipe was inspired by my mom, who is my greatest inspiration for cooking. Growing up, I fondly remember doing my homework in the kitchen while my mom prepared meals for the family. It would take me the longest time to finish any work because I was always watching how my mom cooked. I enjoyed all the meals she made, but there was one that always stood out to me - her Chicken and Fettuccine dish. It had diced chicken, lots of onion and garlic in a creamy sauce with pops of diced tomato and was tossed with spinach fettuccine pasta. She would make it once in a blue moon, and because it only happened every so often, I think this became one of my all-time favorite dishes. For my version of this dish, I took poussins and braised them down with wine, celery, onion, garlic, stock, and lots of aromatics. I then dehydrated and rehydrated cherry tomatoes and tossed them in homemade spinach tagliatelle, topped with pecorino. It's a tribute to my mom and all the love she put into her cooking.”

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Sous Chef/Food Truck Chef Jeffrey Galan:

“Aside from being a wonderful and patient parent who had to deal with all my faults, my mom was an amazing cook. She learned from my Sicilian Grandmother, who made wonderful food. There was never a bad meal at my house, and one recipe, passed down from my grandmother to my mom still thrives today. Though simple in and of itself, my grandmother and mom’s pasta and meatballs are nothing short of amazing. My Uncle Bob, who pushed me to cook as well, always requests this when he comes to visit. The sauce is beautiful and savory, and the meatballs are moist and full of flavor. I’m not sure to this day if I can even replicate it without knowing the exact recipe and technique. Another recipe is stuffed artichokes. Again, simple yet done so well. It's nice to have Italian heritage, seeing as the food really is some of the best in the world.”

Chef De Tournant Derek Frew:

Derek with his Mom“Growing up, I was always told that my mother was a great cook. Mama Frew grew up in Thailand and worked in kitchens when she first came to America. She was able to recreate traditional Thai dishes, and since Thai food wasn’t too popular in the area at the time, everyone was wowed. Watching her cook and eating her food as I grew up turned me into the chef I am today. I attribute her cooking as the main reason why my palate was so developed from a young age. Her cooking is also the reason why I’m so picky about eating other Thai food. I know what it should taste like, but it never holds up to Mama Frew’s cooking. I'm forever grateful for the skills and passion she has instilled in me.”


Happy Mother’s Day out there too all of you amazing women. Have your mothers inspired you to cook. We would love to hear about it. Go to our Facebook page and comment to let us know.