The holiday season has officially begun now that we’re in the month of December, which means we’ll all be feverishly shopping for thoughtful gifts and planning the menus we want to prepare for our families and guests as they visit our homes through the New Year.

While convenient meals will be helpful to get us through our busiest of days, having a decadent dinner planned here and there, beyond your holiday feast, is a great way to slow down the fast pace of this month and enjoy the spirit of the season. For many of us, the holidays are really all about giving life to tradition, communing with one another, and enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company, so find joy all month long, including the time you spend in your kitchen preparing a meal to nourish yourself and your loved ones.

We’re sharing the recipes of a few classic dishes you can prepare this month, from individually portioned Buttery Angus Beef Filet Mignons with Roasted Asparagus to whole roasts like Pekin Duck with Orange and Crispy Roasted Goose with Wild Rice for wholesome family-style meals.

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