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Texas is synonymous with beef as Kentucky is equally comparable with Lamb. We partnered with family farmers who are reviving the culinary heritage of Kentucky by raising Katahdin Lamb. With a true commitment to sustainability and the highest regard for animal welfare, our lamb are of premium quality all year round. This starts with healthy soil to grow the best grass, quality animal breed stock and highly educated farmers; you truly can taste the difference. We never administer antibiotics, hormones nor steroids. Our premium Kentucky Lamb has been a staple of American history prior to the 1800’s where it was common place to pair a lamb ham with a glass of bourbon. You Wool not believe how good they taste until you try some! With a clean flavor profile, these lamb do not have a gamey taste and are perfect for the first time lamb eater. Please note that our Kentucky Lamb is from a whole animal program and that our ground lamb comes from Australia.

  • Lamb Kentucky Whole Short Loin... "T-Bone Loin"

    4.5 LB. (AVERAGE)
    Lamb Kentucky Whole Short Loin... "T-Bone Loin"

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    This whole short loin is where the porterhouse and the T-bone cut comes from. Roast whole and take off the bone or with a clean hacksaw blade, cross cut the loin to make T-bone portioned chops. Season with salt and pepper, grill or pan sear to medium rare for the best eating experience.  

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    Lamb Kentucky Whole Short Loin... "T-Bone Loin"


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