Roasted Elk Rack

What does "Purposeful Meat" mean to you? Does it mean meat which is healthier and help you hit your daily goals for protein without adding too much fat to your diet? Does it possibly mean meat it's raised sustainably and is better for our environment? Either way, Fossil Farms offers you the ability to not only hit your health goals while also helping the world around us. 

The new year is upon us, whether you are one to make a resolution or not, being healthy is always a good goal to have. Most of us salivate over the idea of sitting down to a perfectly seared 16-ounce angus ribeye, and that is fine for a once-in-a-while treat, the recommended serving size is only five-to-six ounces.

You would think Fossil Farms, a company focused on providing you with outstanding natural and sustainable meat, would want everyone to eat a two-pound cowboy steak every dinner, but we are actually telling you the complete opposite. Rather than filling your plate with a large cut, we would rather you enjoy less meat, but better meat.  

When you are only aiming for those five-to-six ounces of protein, shouldn’t they be the most flavorful bites you can put in your mouth? This is where wild game enters the equation. There is no denying that a well-prepared Angus, Piedmontese, or Wagyu steak is tasty, but most wild game can provide more protein, more nutrients, and less fat per ounce. Not to mention the amazing flavors you can achieve with them. Meats such as venison, bison, elk, and ostrich all will thrill your taste buds.

Take a walk on the wild side as you make “Less meat, Better meat” your new mantra with us.

We would like to wish our readers a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year.