Thanksgiving Entertainment Guide


The holidays we celebrate are steeped in tradition and while each has its own meanings and customs associated with it, Thanksgiving is synonymous with traveling near and far to break bread with those near and dear to us, express our gratitude for each other’s support through another year of life’s ups and downs, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness and thankfulness.

Wherever people gather for holidays, a feast will certainly follow, and Thanksgiving is no exception! In fact, Thanksgiving may have the greatest number of food traditions associated with it, especially because the meal itself is such a significant part of the celebration. While we honor our ancestors by preparing their recipes, we also build upon their legacy by making traditions of our own.

Whether it’s putting a spin on that handed down recipe or trying a new one altogether, that’s so well-received it becomes a mainstay, this is the kind of lifeblood that keeps tradition alive in our families, generation after generation.

Read our Thanksgiving Entertainment Guide for recipes, timelines, and decorating ideas.